Silvia Leo holds a degree in International Law, post-graduate diplomas in forensic psychopathology, a MSc in Criminology and a Master in Intelligence Analysis. She taught both at the MSc in Criminology and Master in Strategic Studies, La Sapienza University, Rome, under the specific module on terrorism and intelligence. Currently, she teaches at the MSc in Crimology, UNINT, Rome. She is as well a speaker at the International Congress on Law and Mental Health (IALMH) on terrorism and E-jihad.

She is an Intelligence Analyst and Auxiliary of Judiciary Police with over 15 years of experience in supporting Police Forces’ cyber investigations; gathering, screening, analyzing and interpreting all-source intelligence in order to produce detailed analytical and actionable reports; linking and chartering suspects to cyber investigations or infringing/criminal events to define activities interrelations; taking part to search and seizure operations and surveying sized digital media; teaching and instructing Police Officers on cyber crimes and associated systems of illegal profit.

In the context of terrorism training, she cooperated with the Chiefs of Defence, Joint Force Intelligence Centre, Rome, as military and EU’s intelligence officers trainer and with private security firms as well.


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